Welcome to the

a collection of 9,999 beautiful, brave Waifus and their adorable, loyal companions, ready to fantasize on the Ethereum Blockchain!

Within the Tsuki universe, when each Tsuki girl reaches a certain age a ceremony takes place at the Moon Gate under a full moon. During this ritual, the Momons (little, adorable creatures) each choose a girl to be bonded with. Once bonded, a moon symbol appears on their arm and the animal is their trusted companion for life. With their playful and cute Momon by their side their mission in life is to defeat the evil spirit that plagues their universe and better the lives of those around them!
What Momon will choose you?



When Mint?

  • Day: February 20th
  • Time: 9 AM EST Begins Whitelist Sale! Whitelist will go on for 12 hours then Public will start!
  • Time: 9 PM EST we will begin the public sales!

    Total Supply of the Collection?

    9,999 with 1 Tsuki being Raffled to Charity!


    Minting Price?

    Whitelist: 0.1 ETH With an (Optimized Low Gas Contract)
    Public: .15 ETH


    How many Whitelist spots will be Available?

    4500 WL Roles (Max of 2 Per Wallet)


    How to get Whitelist?

    You can earn a whitelist by engaging in the community. We have no set requirements because we believe that a tight stable community just enjoys being in the community!


    When is Public Sale?

    12 Hours after the start of whitelist!


    Will any team members DM you?

    We will never DM you!(unless personally told otherwise) Never click any links from any DMs. You can always turn your DMs off to reduce risk! Please stay safe!


    Phase 1

    Tsuki Run-

    Tsuki Run has a purpose to be easy to play at any time, any place, any conditions! Soon you will also be able to send your high score to our leaderboards, and many more additions to come. We will be holding Giveaways for the very best Players, let the games begin!

    Tsuki Visual Novel-

    Tsuki Visual Novel is for our universe story. We want to have a more solid lore by creating this interactive visual novel. It will be available on Steam Free for all Tsuki NFT and Momon Holders

    Tsuki RPG-

    The Tsuki based RPG is going to be similar to Pokemon where you can play the main story or battle your friends or random players. Tales of Tsuki and the Momon collection holders will have an impact on the gameplay since your character will be buffed according to the Tsuki and Momon you own. We are still deciding the details of this game but we have many big plans ahead for it!

    Momon Free Mint-

    A Collection of cute cuddly Momons for all our #TsukiNFT Holders will come to be something truly special. This Collection will be Free to Claim on our Website very soon!

    Will you find your Loyal Companion? Start by acquiring any #TsukiNFT to secure your Momon!

    Date: TBA Total Supply: 11k

    Public Supply: 1k Public Price: TBA

    Holder Supply: 10k Holder Price: Free

    1 Tsuki NFT = 1 Free Momon Mint


    The team will continue to give away Tsuki NFTs, Merch and much more. All our Top Holders of our Genesis and Free Mint Collection will have access to Whale Giveaways and Events! We look forward to what is ahead!🤝


    Under Construction 🚧👷